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Afraid of the Dark (2019)

(For Concert Band and Electronic Accompaniment)

Commissioned by the Lancaster Country Day School Lower School Band

Mrs. Megan Charlesworth, director

About the Music

Young band with electronics?! Sounds scary! 


Afraid of the Dark illustrates a dark and spooky trip through a nightmare with the help of an electronic accompaniment! Every instrument plays an important role in this exciting, fun, and unique piece. Afraid of the Dark is a Grade 1-1.5 work written to help develop the second-year band in a variety of areas.


Written in a flexible manner for young ensembles of nearly any instrumentation, students will expand their range beyond the one-octave Bb major scale, be introduced to concert pitches A-flat and F-sharp, and develop a steady sense of pulse (thanks to the pre-recorded electronic accompaniment). 

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