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Flex Version

(For Concert Band and Electronic Accompaniment)

Conductor Notes

This flexible version of NIGHTMARE (Grade 2.5) is able to be performed by a minimum of 8 wind/string players (at least one player on each part 1-8) and 4 percussionists. Should an ensemble have less than the minimum number of wind/string players, instrument reinforcement tracks tracks are provided.

INSTRUMENT REINFORCEMENT TRACKS are optional accompaniment tracks for NIGHTMARE that also include certain instrument samples to help balance ensembles that need "reinforcements" in certain areas. These tracks would be used in place of the regular NIGHTMARE accompaniment as it includes both the electronics and reinforcement instruments. These can be used in performance, but are also a great rehearsal tool for ensembles that may rehearse in smaller groups split up among various periods throughout the day.

Each reinforcement track is named based on the instrument sample(s) it contains. Ex. "Upper Voices" track would help balance an ensemble that is heavy in low wind instruments.


Only part 5 contains divisi. In the event that only one wind/string player is assigned to part 5, the higher part should be given preference.


The string bass part in the score is notated one octave lower than it is written in the string bass part - simply to help save space in the score.

About the Music

A sequel to 2019's "Afraid of the Dark," "NIGHTMARE" is an electroacoustic glance into what happens when we fall in to a dreaded bad dream. "NIGHTMARE" details the journey from the moment we close our eyes and sleep creeps over us, to when our consciousness arrives in the middle of a bone-chilling horror scene, and finally to when we open our eyes the next morning, thankful that it was all just a dream.


In order to accurately convey the events and emotions that take place throughout "NIGHTMARE," musicians will be tasked with performing with contrasting articulations, dynamics, and styles. Attention to balance is a must - not only in relation to the other musicians in the ensemble, but to the electronic accompaniment, which provides tempo and additional textures tot the soundscape which makes up the piece.

Consortium Members

Afton High School Concert Band

Afton, New York

Mrs. Karen Clark, Director of Bands


Armstrong Jr. High Band

Kittanning, Pennsylvania

Mr. Rob Reams, Director of Bands


Bishop Lloyd Middle School

Lloydminster, Alberta

Ms. Anya Pogorelova, Director of Bands

Bradford High School Bands

Kenosha, Wisconsin

Mr. Karl C. Mueller, Director of Bands

Caldwell ISD Bands

Caldwell, Texas

Mr. Cody Knott and Ms. Rachel Hall, Band Directors

Cottonwood Creek K-8 School Symphonic Band
Dublin, California
Mr. Jasper Tran, Music Director

Dordt University Campus-Community Band

Sioux Center, Iowa

Dr. Onsby C. Rose, Director of Instrumental Studies

Elk Lake High School Concert Band

Springville, Pennsylvania

Mrs. Kathleen Amabile, Band Director

Elkton High School Wind Ensemble

Elkton, Maryland

Mr. Danny Reynolds, Director of Bands

Exeter-West Greenwich Senior High School Band

West Greenwich, Rhode Island

Mr. Gregg Charest, Director of Bands

Glen Allen High School Band and Orchestra

Glen Allen, Virginia

Mr. Ryan Addair, Director of Bands

Hanover Central Bands

Cedar Lake, Indiana

Mr. James Lowry, Director

Hart High School Senior Band

Hart, Michigan

Mr. John Taranko, Director of Bands

Holton Middle School Band

Holton, Kansas

Mr. Jayme Malsom, Director of Bands

Houston County High School Concert Band

Erin, Tennessee

Mr. William M. Whitt, Director of Bands

Jac-Cen-Del High School Band

Osgood, Indiana

Mr. Cameron Papandria,  Band Director

Lake Central High School Symphonic Band

St. John, Indiana

Mr. Elliot Smith, Director of Bands

Leechburg Middle School Concert Band

Leechburg, Pennsylvania

Mr. Jacob Mrochek, Director of Bands

Lipscomb Wind Ensemble

Nashville, Tennessee

Dr. Ben Blasko, Director of Instrumental Studies

Martinez Middle School Wind Ensemble

Lutz, Florida 

Mr. Christopher B. Johns-Klein, Director

McLean High School

McLean, Virginia

Mr. Chris Weise, Director of Bands

Mukwonago High School Wind Ensemble

Mukwonago, Wisconsin

Mrs. Emma Angoli, Director of Bands


Muskego High School Symphonic Band

Muskego, Wisconsin

Mr. James Beckman & Mr. Matt Mueller, Directors of Bands

New Bern High School Bands

New Bern, North Carolina

Mr. Chris Elbing & Ms. Kristen Graham, Band Directors


Nichols Middle School Symphonic Band

Evanston, Illinois

Mr. Cary Jacobs, Band Director

North Catholic High School Concert Band

Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania

Mr. David Emanuelson, Director of Instrumental Activities

North Schuylkill Wind Ensemble

Ashland, Pennsylvania

Mr. William Lennox, Director of Bands

Palisades Charter High School Wind Ensemble

Pacific Palisades, California

Mr. J. Tyler Farrell, Director of Bands

Plum Senior High School Concert Band

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Mrs. Bethany Loy, Band Director

Sacred Heart University Band

Fairfield, Connecticut

Mr. Keith Johnston, Director of Bands

Salem High School Symphonic Band
Salem, Virginia 
Mr. John E. Wright, Director of Bands

Siegel High School Band
Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Mr. Alex White and Mrs. Mikaela Littleton, Band Directors

Smith Middle School Wind Ensemble
Cleburne, Texas
Mr. Matthew Hiller and Ms. Jacqueline Ruddick, Directors

Southwoods Concert Band

West Des Moines, Iowa

Mrs. Samantha Beeman, Band Director

St. Johns Country Day School Symphonic Band

Orange Park, Florida

Mr. Michael R. Warren, Director of Bands

St. Phillip School Band

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Ms. Jennifer Pearson, Band Director

Tunesmith Solutions
Melbourne, Australia
Mr. Greg Peterson, Artistic Director

Westlake Middle School Concert Band

Broomfield, Colorado

Mr. Michael Windham, Director of Bands

William C. Overfelt High School Concert Band

San Jose, California

Mr. Ken Nakamoto, Director of Instrumental Music

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