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About the Music

A sequel to 2019's "Afraid of the Dark," "NIGHTMARE" is an electroacoustic glance into what happens when we fall in to a dreaded bad dream. "NIGHTMARE" details the journey from the moment we close our eyes and sleep creeps over us, to when our consciousness arrives in the middle of a bone-chilling horror scene, and finally to when we open our eyes the next morning, thankful that it was all just a dream.


In order to accurately convey the events and emotions that take place throughout "NIGHTMARE," musicians will be tasked with performing with contrasting articulations, dynamics, and styles. Attention to balance is a must - not only in relation to the other musicians in the ensemble, but to the electronic accompaniment, which provides tempo and additional textures tot the soundscape which makes up the piece.


The electronic accompaniment and rehearsal tracks are available to download for free here


You will not receive physical parts. Instead, you will receive PDF documents of the score and parts (formatted to print on 8.5x11" letter-sized paper). By purchasing the electronic version of NIGHTMARE, you will receive full rights to make as many copies of the parts and score as you find necessary.

NIGHTMARE Score and Parts - ePrint PDF

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