Taking Flight Score and Parts - ePrint PDF

About the Music

Soar into the sky as “Taking Flight” carries you through various musical landscapes and altitudes. From the opening take off into the clouds, to the serene trip over America’s diverse terrains, and, ultimately, to the aircraft’s successful touchdown, this work is sure to fill your audience with a sense of adventure from beginning to end.


“Taking Flight” is scored in a flexible manner, giving ensembles of various instrumentations the ability to be successful in preparation and performance.


View a perusal score here


You will not receive physical parts. Instead, you will receive PDF documents of the score and parts (formatted to print on 8.5x11" letter-sized paper). By purchasing the electronic version of Taking Flight, you will receive full rights to make as many copies of the parts and score as you find necessary. Please include an email address upon checkout that you would like the PDF files to be emailed to.

Taking Flight Score and Parts - ePrint PDF